あなたのためだけに — just for you 

Park chanyeol through the years (●´□`)♡

"Remember that I love you, okay? Chanyeol loves Baekhyunnie! I love you as much as someone like me can love. I love you and thank you for teaching me what this feeling is like. I finally know what it’s like to love and be loved. It really is the greatest feeling in the world!” (absolute chanyeol)


thinking of you every night makes you unforgettable. what have you done? you got me

Chanyeol grabs Baekhyun’s hands. “I’ve been watching you for a very long time, Byun Baekhyun. I’ve been waiting for you.” “You’re crazy,” Baekhyun says, resigned. “I know. But so are you.” “You’re going to make me crazy.”

Chanyeol laughs, knocking his forehead against Baekhyun’s, rain dribbling down his cheeks and chin and lips. “Is that a yes?”

“I’m going to regret this,” Baekhyun says, sighing, “but. Yes. It’s a yes.”

“Close your eyes,” Chanyeol whispers. (firestorms, and the rate of consumption)

" I told him I would love him even when I was gone. He couldn’t understand my saying, so he tried reading my words on books. He always understood those. "


baekyeol fanmix series part ii (part i) (listen) | cover thanks to thefi

1. rhye - open | 2. mindy gledhill - anchor | 3. sundays - delicate | 4. sia - don’t bring me down | 5. two door cinema club - the world is watching | 6. diane birch - diamonds in the dust | 7. birdy - standing in the way of the light | 8. barcelona - please don’t go | 9. gabrielle aplin - start of time | 10. patrick watson - slip into your skin | 11. sleeping at last - snow


and i like you
when you look at me
the way you do

'Cause you are the piece of me I wish I didn't need.