140611 “Who’s your closest friend/member in EXO. Tao: He’s not here”

”even if facts can be made up, they still cannot withstand the test of time. I chose to be silent in the beginning, but later, I used time to destroy the fabricated impressions that others have created and proved everything. to me, nothing in the world is impossible.” -tao


pick your prom date- [] suho, [] kris, [] chanyeol, [] baekhyun, [] luhan, [] sehun, [] kai, [] kyungsoo, [X]zitao, [] chen, [] yixing, [] xiumin

requested by lovelaydays

I don’t believe in fairytales but I believe in you and me.

huang zitao: fierce ~ panda ~ maknae ~ gucci ~ peach ~ wushu. 


 Tao's turquoise hair appreciation 

*dies a slow and happy death* o(╥﹏╥)o

edit of favourite pairing in exo: Tao / Kris (requested by zuho)

He understood what it meant to disappear. To vanish. To cease to exist.
—excerpt from todokanu’s fic, 如烟 (like smoke)